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Sänfte shares the Olympic spirit, Faster, Higher and Stronger.

Date:2016-12-29 Print Word Size:AAA

2016 Rio Olympic Games is coming to an end. Olympic athletes of different races and ages have constantly moved themselves and the audience with their efforts and perseverance. All of them, including the 41-year-old gymnast Turnteam Toyota Koln who took part in the Olympics for the seventh time and the famous diving player Wu Minxia who took part in the Olympics for the fourth time though she has been tortured by injuries and pain and eventually reached the summit of her athletic career, fight for championship.The Olympic spirit is no longer limited to “breaking the record”. Instead it means human beings’ determination to constantly explore and break through limits.

The firm belief of going beyond oneself and pursuing perfection is extremely amazing and influencing more and more people and enterprises.Sänfte is the second brand of thyssenkrupp Elevator. Since its birth, it has adhered to the brand idea of “putting customers first and providing them with a worry-free riding experience” and constantly challenged and transcended itself. It has provided the best products and services to meet the transportation demands in China’s emerging cities and areas.

With the acceleration of China’s urbanization, emerging cities and areas are rapidly rising and the urban population and the flow of people has been increasing. As a result, the demand for elevators and other transportation tools is also increasing

The world-famous elevator solution provider thyssenkrupp Elevator’s secondary brand Sänfte came into being in 2011. Sharing thyssenkrupp Elevator’s mature and strong industrial technology, research and development and innovation platform, it adopts thyssenkrupp Elevator’s strict quality management and control standards and aims to provide customers with safe and reliable elevator products.

Inheriting the German quality, Sänfte has four types of products, RF1, RF1-S, RF2 and RF3 all of which adhere to the design concept of green building. Sänfte RF1 and RF1-S are small (mini) machine room elevators while Sänfte RF2 and RF3 use the new generation of PML series of permanent magnet synchronous machine roomless (蒂森惯称“machineroom-less”)traction machine . Thanks to the disk type brake, the traction machine is smaller and lighter, with the volume being reduced by 20% and the weight being reduced by 30%. Meanwhile, its energy consumption is lower and its rated power is lower than similar products.

Meanwhile Sänfte has the leading shaft space efficiency in the industry. Thanks to its reasonable construction layout, it optimizes the shaft structure and parts, maximally saving building space and construction cost for customers.
What is particularly worth mentioning is that Sänfte has created a new distribution and operation mode suitable for the market characteristics.

Its dealers’ sales channels throughout the country can provide customers with continuously optimized products with a shorter delivery cycle and convenient and attentive services.

At the same time, with its flexible sales mode, the full-distribution operation mode maximally reduces the cost and ensures thyssenkrupp Elevator’s Sänfte provides high quality, low cost and cost-effective products.

In addition, through the seamless pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales connection and full coverage of channel services, it provides customers with zero-distance services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Through five years of development, thyssenkrupp Elevator’s Sänfte has successfully installed elevators in many residential quarters in emerging cities and areas such as Lucheng No. 1 residential quarters in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, Fenglin Shui’an residential quarters in Qingyuan, Guangdong, and Manhattan residential quarters in Yulin, Shaanxi.

In the future Sänfte will continue to rely on thyssenkrupp Elevator’s powerful R & D and production platform, contribute to China’s urbanization with better products and services. Sänfte shares the Olympic spirit,  Faster, Higher and Stronger.