Sänfte Brand

Strong manufacturing strength

TK Elevator established wholly-owned elevator and escalator plants in Shanghai and Zhongshan, which are also the manufactruing bases of Sänfte products.

  • Shanghai Songjiang·Elevator Plant
  • Guangdong Zhongshan· Elevator Plant
  • Guangdong Zhongshan· Escalator Plant

Advanced manufacturing process

Sänfte adopts the mature professional techniques and manufacturing strength from TK Elevator, meets the globally unified elevator quality and management standards, and provides more choices for customers' purchase.

Perfect quality assurance system

In order to meet the quality standard and achieve the quality objectives,TK Elevator strictly conducts quality management and control.
It covers the whole product life cycle from the selection of suppliers, parts certification, incoming inspection to supply of spare parts to branches, and from product development, product manufacturing process inspection to after-sales services, which fully ensures the quality of Sänfte® elevators.

High standard quality laboratory

The TK elevator National Laboratory, which achieves the CNAS certification, is capable of 37 types of testing in six test areas that are,
basic functional test, electrical reliability test, mechanical performance test, mechanical reliability test, environmental reliability test and power quality.