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Norilang RF818 Technical specifications

  • Nominal speed0.5m/s
  • Rise11450mm
  • Rise30°,35°
  • Step width800mm;1000mm
  • Step widthstainless steel/ aluminum step
  • Step width Indoor/semi-outdoor/outdoor
  • Balustrade typeGlass balustrade
  • Balustrade height900mm;1000mm

Norilang RF818 is a type of high-quality elevators with characteristics of safety, comfort, high efficiency and energy conservation, suitable for applications of shop mall, complex, hospital, hotel, entertainment, office and etc.

Create more values for customers

  • Safe and reliable
  • Excellent design
  • Green and energy-saving

Safe and reliable

Based on global leading technology platform and adher to strict German design and manufacturing standards.
The control system is designed and manufactured by TK Elevator and the guide rail system is positioned precisely.
Adopt the safety brake system and exclusive handrail entry protection of TK Elevator.

Excellent design

Outstanding appearance design and low-noise design (higher than the national standards)
The semicircular handrail column design is aesthetically pleasing, ensuring even force on the handrail and reducing friction.

Green and energy-saving

Excellent energy-saving solutions and configurations to reduce energy consumption.
More environmentally friendly components, reflecting the green design concept.
Meet the criteria of ISO25745 A+++ which is help for applying green building certification.