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Sänfte improves the life quality of residents in emerging cities

Date:2016-12-29 Print Word Size:AAA

Quality residential buildings with human beings as the blueprint Judging from the trend in the real estate industry in 2016, besides the first-tier cities, the real estate market in the second- and third-tier cities is also very hot. At the same time, with the increasing demands for quality, comfortable and high-end residential buildings, supporting facilities in residential quarters have also become an important factor in assessing the quality of residential buildings.

All the elevators tailored by Sänfte for the designconcept of green buildings, provide residents with a safe and comfortable travelling environment and effectively improve the living and life quality or ordinary residents.Relying on the reliable German quality, innovative solutions and broad distribution network, in the past few years Sänfte has joined hands with many domestic well-known brand real estate developers to provide quality elevator products for a lot of high quality residential buildings in China’s emerging cities.

Sänfte has cooperated with 97 RF2 machineroom-less elevators. Machineroom-less design provides more space for the buildings, and meanwhile the permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine used by the elevator also creates a green travelling environment so that residents can reach the adjacent wetland park in a few seconds to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

In addition, Sänfte has provided the Shiyuehua Garden project in Dayawan, Huizhou with60 RF1 elevators and provided the Bada - Xicheng Jingyuan phase II project in Chengxi Business Center, Hangzhou with 31 RF1 elevators…Sänfte has supplied elevators to excellent residential projects all over China.As a new form of commercial housing, commercial complex has developed rapidly in the second- or third-tier emerging cities.

As it integrates three or more functions including commerce, office, accommodation, catering and entertainment, the commercial complex is characterized by high efficiency and dense population. As a result, it makes higher requirements for the safety and diversity of supporting facilities.

As one of Sänfte’s key elevator, next to  the new municipal government building, News Release Center and Ruyi Lake, is the “primary center” of the future core district of the city. This project is equipped with a total of 86 Sänfte RF1 and RF2 elevators.
Meanwhile, Sänfte has also provided the first coastal high-end cultural and creative industrial park in Jiangsu, The Oriental No. 1 Creative Park with 40 RF1 elevators.

Sänfte has provided partners with tailored elevator products and best overall elevator solutions according to the characteristics of different projects.Information of Sänfte projects.Information of Sänfte in September Resettlement housing projects that service residents

All urban residents share the wish of living a better life. In recent years the Chinese government has constantly issued new policies to support resettlement housing projects.

Due to the shortage of funds and the rough construction of the shaft, in resettlement housing projects the elevator suppliers face greater challenges from various technical requirements, project volume and cost control.

With a high sense of responsibility, Sänfte relies on its innovative breakthrough technology and rich installation experience to design the best solutions for many resettlement housing projects through the preliminary on-the-spot investigation and rigorous research and successfully implement them.

Sänfte has successfull 68 RF1 elevators and 93 RF2 elevators for Xiceng Housun resettlement  housing project and Qixiang Road 3 plots resettlement housing project in Haishu District, Ningbo respectively. Due to the large number of elevators, the difficulty in promoting the projects and cost control, local government and residents thought highly of Sänfte’s performance in these projects.

The market and demands are changing, but we believe that technology can change our life.With the service vision of “putting customers first and providing them with a worry-free riding experience”, Sänfte adopts thyssenkrupp Elevator’s product technology and manufacturing strength. It has made our life become greener and more convenient and comfortable through broader channel sales and service network.