Sänfte Brand

Origin of Sänfte

"Sänfte" means "sedan" in German and intends to create a pleasant riding experience. Its service vision features customer-oriented services and worry-free experience.


Sänfte® meets the globally unified elevator quality and management standards, and produces products with reliable quality. Sänfte® is committed to providing value-for-money and optimized solutions for residential projects and small- and medium-sized office buildings in emerging cities and areas. For Chinese customers who pursue high quality , Sänfte® proficiently provides sustainable products and zero distance services, creating comfortable experience through various sales channels and broader service network.

Sänfte Brand Value

  • · Reliable TK Elevator quality
  • · Committed to the development
  • of emerging cities and areas
  • · Value-for-money and optimized solution
  • for your local situation
  • · Broad sales and service network

Reliable Germen quality
Strictly following highest quality standards

Constantly optimized product configurations
according to requirements in emerging areas

Cost-efficient and flexible sales and service solutions, pragmatic and easy
Environmental-friendly solutions Comfortable travel experience

Offering end-customers fast, responsive and convenient sales and service network
Locally penetrated sales and service points, we are close-to-you no matter how remote your buildings are