Sänfte Brand

RF1 Technical specifications

  • Rated load(kg)630-1600
  • Rated speed(m/s)1.0-2.5
  • Max.travel height(m)125
  • Max.number of floors(F)38

RF1 is the high cost performance and small machine room passenger elevator produced by TK Elevator
focusing on high-end commercial residential buildings and ordinary commercial buildings in emerging cities and areas.

Creating more value for customers

  • Different riding experience
  • Every reliable componet contributes to the safety of elevators
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Focusing on customers'riding safety
  • Flexible and various car decoration

Different riding experience

Strict design analysis, advanced control technology
and high quality core components from Sänfte® elevators
ensure the smooth operation with soft speed curve and precise leveling.

Every reliable componet contributes to the safety of elevators

The new PMS traction machine is highly of safety and durability.
The precise and advanced integrated control system
guarantees both safety and comfort.


The concept of environmental-friendly elevator
guides throughout the design and test process,
effectively reducing the overall energy consumption.

Focusing on customers'safety

Standardizing more humanized functions
under thorough consideration

Flexible and diverse car decoration program

  • CL2-RF


  • CS4-RF


  • CS3-RF


  • CS2-RF


  • CS1-RF


  • CL4-RF


  • CL3-RF


  • CL1-RF