Sänfte, a value-for-money brand that is close-to-you

Sänfte® adopts the mature professional technique and manufacturing strength, meets the globally unified elevator quality and management standards, and provides excellent elevator solutions for customers in emerging cities and areas.

  • Value-for-money and optimized solution for your local situation

    Cost-efficient and flexible sales and service solutions, pragmatic and easy


    Environmental-friendly solutions


    Comfortable travel experience

  • Reliable TK Elevator quality

    Products manufactured by TK elevator


    Strictly following highest quality standards

  • Broad sales and service network

    Offering end-customers fast, responsive and convenient sales and service network


    Locally penetrated sales and service points, we are close-to-you no matter how remote your buildings are

Sänfte was launched in China in 2011.

Sänfte improves the life quality of residents in emerging cities

Quality residential buildings with human beings as the blueprint Judging from the trend in the real estate industry in 2016, besides the first-tier cities, the real estate market in the second- and third-tier cities is also very hot. At the same time, with the increasing demands for quality, comfortable and high-end residential buildings, supporting facilities in residential quarters have also become an important factor in assessing the quality of residential buildings.