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Sänfte boosts China's urbanization

Date:2016-12-29 Print Word Size:AAA

As an important part of the supply chain in the real estate industry, the elevator industry is closely related to China’s new urbanization.
New urbanization is aimed for energy conservation, intensive construction and environmental protection and requires supporting industries to closely follow the development. The world famous elevator solution provider thyssenkrupp Elevator’s "second brand" Sänfte takes the lead in saving civil building materials and energy conservation. It meets China’s new urbanization construction requirements and vigorously boosts China’s urbanization.

State-owned industrial and mining shantytowns renovation project of Minmetals Hanxing Mining Co., Ltd. in Wuan, Hebei
98 Sänfte RF1 elevators (load: 800KG; speed: 1.75m/s.)

Sänfte and thyssenkrupp Elevator share the R&D platform and all products are manufactured strictly in accordance with thyssenkrupp Elevator’s globally unified manufacturing standard and boast safety and reliability, the characteristics of Germany quality.
Sänfte elevators’ traction machine, car assembly, door machine and control system are developed and produced by thyssenkrupp Elevator and some key components such as rotary encoders are imported from Germany to ensure the high standard Germany quality.
The door machines of k series of elevators produced by OEMs of thyssenkrupp Elevator have a fault rate of ≤3 for every 60,000 operations, greatly extending the life of the elevators and suitable for buildings in China’s towns and cities where elevators are frequently used.

The independent car frame system makes the car operation become more stable, maximally reduces vibration and noise and creates a safe and comfortable riding environment for passengers.

Sänfte not only attaches great importance to the safety and reliability of the elevators, but also uses its advanced technology to make breakthroughs in environmental protection and energy conservation.

Among the independently developed and produced components of Sänfte elevators, the traction machine is the lifeblood of the elevator and its main function is to transmit power to ensure the normal operation of the elevator.

Sänfte’s traction machine is developed and produced by thyssenkrupp Elevator and particularly designed for China’s urbanization construction.Currently Sänfte has three types of elevators, RF1, RF2 and RF3 to meet the demands of various buildings.

RF1 uses the mini machine room traction machine and outer rotor. So its thickness is reduced to 50% of that of the last generation of machine room traction machines. Compacter structure and less occupied space increase the safe space and save the construction cost of machine rooms.

RF2 and RF3 use the machineroomless traction machine and are characterized by low energy consumption and energy conservation. Smaller size and less occupied space reduce the civil building cost and follow-up use cost.

In this era of vigorous development of civil construction, Sänfte’s primary service aim is to save the occupied space, construction and use costs and ensure the safety and reliability of elevators, which is also an important part of China’s urbanization construction.

>Based on the Chinese market, Sänfte adopts the advanced technology, rigorous professional attitude and high sense of responsibility of thyssenkrupp Elevator. It is committed to the research, development and production of safe, reliable, comfortable and cost-effective elevators, leading the elevator industry, improving the elevator riding environment and boosting China’s urbanizationconstruction.