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Safe, reliable and environmental-friendly Sänfte boosts China’s urbanization construction

Date:2016-12-29 Print Word Size:AAA

The city is a symbol of the progress of the times.

The rapid social development of society, coupled with urbanization and the rise of emerging cities, has promoted the development of the real estate and infrastructure.

With the improvement of urban building density, the market has made increasingly higher demands and requirements for elevators.
In order to help accelerate China’s urbanization and provide more customers with high quality products and efficient services, thyssenkrupp Elevator, one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, launched the elevator brand Sänfte® in China in 2011.Sänfte is the second brand of thyssenkrupp Elevator tailored for domestic target market customers. Produced by the original equipment manufacturers of thyssenkrupp Elevator, it is really of “German quality”.“Sänfte” means “sedan” in German and intends to create a pleasant riding experience.Its service vision is to put customers first and provide them with a worry-free riding experience. Sänfte® relies on the product technology and manufacturing strength of thyssenkrupp Elevator and adopts the globally unified elevator manufacturing standard system for management and production so that Sänfte elevators are really of “German quality” and provide customers with more choices in elevator procurement.

Sänfte elevators use the same key components such as traction machine, door machine and safety devices as those of thyssenkrupp Elevator. The rotary encoders are imported from Germany.

As one of the brands with the highest proportion of self-made parts in the industry, Sänfte has irreplaceable advantages and high cost performance in product design.

In terms of safety and quality assurance, Sänfte elevators are managed and manufactured in accordance with thyssenkrupp Elevator’s globally unified elevator manufacturing standard system and Sänfte elevators use the same safety components and have the same quality as those of thyssenkrupp Elevator products; in terms of riding experience, the standard car with a net height of 2.4 m makes passengers feel more comfortable and meanwhile the stably operating and low noise car environment provides passengers with pleasant riding experience; in terms of product specifications, currently Sänfte has three types of elevators, RF1, RF2, RF3  and its product design can meet the various project demands; in terms of environmental protection, Sänfte uses the permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine characterized by safe and stable operation, low noise, no pollution, high efficiency and energy conservation and its compact internal design not only saves the building space, but also meets the needs of architectural design aesthetics.

In addition, as Sänfte elevators make low requirements for the shaft size, dive header and foundation pit, they are applicable to various civil work designs, greatly reducing the construction cost, increasing the floor area and bringing customers direct benefits.
Meanwhile Sänfte initiates the full-distribution mode in the industry.  This mode is conducive to the rapid penetration of Sänfte elevators into the broad target market (emerging cities and areas), development of the market dead zone and great expansion of the sales service networks. Thanks to this mode, Sänfte can more efficiently meet the demands of customers in the target market, provide high quality pre-sales and after-sales services and win more recognition of customers and users.

So far, Sänfte has provided superior elevator solutions for many residential projects and office buildings in emerging cities and areas.
 For example, projects such as Manhattan residential quarters with the characteristics of international communities in Yulin, Shaanxi, the high-end Feicuiwan residential quarters built by Chuangtai Real Estate in Mengzi, Honghe Hani & Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan and high quality residential quarters Zhongyang Shanshui in Zhijiang, Hebei are all equipped with Sänfte  elevators.

In the future, Sänfte will continue to join hands with thyssenkrupp Elevator to make more contributions to urban construction, fulfil its commitment, adhere to the customer demand-oriented principle, cooperate with customers in creating safe, reliable and environmental-friendly vertical transportation solutions, bring customers better riding experience and boost China’s urbanization.