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Longda FBC Xintiandi

86 RF1/RF2 elevators, Henan Nanyang


Longda FBC Xintiandi is located in the core area of Nanyang. Adjacent to the new municipal government, news release center and Ruyi lake, located at the center of the city’s future development core area and boasting top comprehensive rare resources of the future administrative, economic and financial, education, leisure, transportation hubs, it is a plot with the highest value, greatest potentials and strongest radiation in Nanyang in the future.

The products cover the financial headquarters, the international community, the experience business, luxury residential buildings, education headquarters, school district apartments, 30,000 ㎡ brand kindergartens and 15 small one-stop top elementary education system. It is the high-end city complex integrating administrative, business and commercial, education, housing, parks, tourism and other functions.


Sänfte provides this project with 86 RF1/RF2 elevators with the load 1000kg and speed 1.6m/s.


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