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Fangcheng Yuxin Kaixuancheng

37 Sänfte RF1 elevators, located in Henan Nanyang


Fangcheng Yuxin Kaixuancheng is loacated on Huating Road and Zhangjian Avenue, Fangcheng County, Huating Road area. Inheriting the cultural deposits of Funiu Mountain-Qifeng Mountain-Dacheng Mountain, it is a livable place. Construction of Guang'an Road (Nanhuan Road) east extension project is in full swing and will lead to Gasu Line.

According to the overall planning of Fangcheng County, the old bus station will be relocated to the northeastern corner at the crossings of Huating Road and Yu 01 Line and the existing Yu 01 line will be relocated southwards.

In this way, Yuxin Kaixuancheng will become the prosperous core of Fangcheng County.


This project purchases a total of 37 Sänfte RF1 elevators with the load 800/1000kg and speed 1.0m/s~1.75m/s.


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