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Tai'an Sanhe Yudu

50 RF2 elevators, located in ShandongTaian


Tai'an Sanhe Yudu is located north of Wenquan Road, south of Huanshan Road, east of Tangzi Road. It is adjacent to Baolong City Square in the south and Fantawild Amusement World and Taishan Fengshan Ceremony in the east in Tai'an city.

As a high-end residential quarters in Tai’an city, Sanhe Yudu covers an area of 467 mu. Adjacent to Dawen River and Taishan Mountain, it has many rocks and natural springs and a livable place besides mountains and rivers.


Sänfte provides this project with 50 RF2 elevators with the load 630/800KG and maximum speed 2m/s.


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