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Yanta Park

94 RF1 elevators, located in Shandong Liaocheng


Yanta Park is a major urban construction project of Shenxian county government and is developed by Yongan property. Yanta Park is located in the heart of Shenxian County and a 400,000 square meters city landmark complex. Through the layout pattern of "recreation - recreational business –commercial residence”, it integrates buildings of various functions to establish the Yanta Park-centered landscape to organically combine traditional culture and modern commercial residence. It keeps the commercial spirit of the old city, creates an active and rich open space and highlights the theme of leisure and recreation.


Sänfte provides the Yongan residential project and the Binhe Lanting residential project with a total of 94 RF1 elevators with the speed 1.0m/s~1.75m/s and load 800kg.


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