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Yipin Jiangshan

32 RF1 elevators, located in Fujianfuqing


Yipin Jiangshan is located at the center of Fuqing City – western Guanxi Group. It is the core area of Fuqing with the most development potentials and the city group Fuqing municipal government focuses on.

Adjacent to Wuma Mountain in the south and Longjiang River in the north, the project is near the “widest section of Longjiang River”, acres of Riverside Park and 200 acres of Ecological Wetland Park and is an extremely rare livable place in the downtown area.

The project is adjacent to two bridges, with Guanyinpu Bridge leading to WAL-MART, New Huadu and Wanda business district in the west and Yurong Bridge leading to the old district in the east. It enjoys supporting educational and financial facilities in the neighborhood.


Sänfte provides this project with 32 RF1 elevators with the load 800/1000KG and speed 1.0~2.0m/s.


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