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Yulin Manhattan residential quarters

30 RF1 elevators, located in Shanxi Yulin


Yulin Manhattan residential quarters is developed by Yulin Huaiyuan Real Estate.

Located in the central gold part of Yulin city and core area west of the Yulin Municipal Party Committee in Economic Development Zone, it is aimed to be built into the largest international urban complex in Yulin. It will build a thriving business center and start the 100,000 square meters international top business district in Yulin. Boasting top educational resources, it has 8 schools in the neighborhood. In addition, Yulin Minicipal Administrative Center is also nearby. It is at the core area where prime roads cross. With the ground station of 6m high, it displays the royal elegance and provides the noble experience. It has the largest building spacing, with the average being 100m. It adopts the scientific and super-thin plate design idea.

Its lighting and ventilation conditions ranked the first in Northwest China. With a greening coverage of 58%, it is aimed to build forest park style royal yard landscape. It is a representative project of our company in Yulin.


Sänfte provides this project with 30 RF1 elevators with the load 1000KG and speed 2.5m/s.


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