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Oriental No. 1 Cultural and Creative Industry Park

40 RF1 elevators, located in Jiangsu


Oriental No. 1 Cultural and Creative Industry Park is located in Wetland Park in Dafeng City. It is the first high-end cultural and Creative Industry Park in coastal area of Jiangsu.It will provide strong support for the development of modern service industry, independent innovation of the manufacturing industry and industrial restructuring and upgrading in the coastal areas.

The main exhibition hall is named "creative nest", meaning "building nest to introduce innovation". The "large plate, large color block and freehand” style makes the "Oriental No. 1" look modern, simple, and many detailed design of creative elements makes it full of charm.

The Phase II Project No. 1 Creative Industry Park has a total construction area of 210,000 square meters, dominated by industrial design, arts and crafts, intelligent development, 3W coffee, creative catering and theatrical performances, aimed to create a special town integrating creative life, intelligent design, culture, entertainment and other functions.


Sänfte provides this project with 40 RF1 elevators with the load 1000KG and speed 1.0m/s.


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