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Houde Zaiwu

72 RF1 elevators, located in Jilin Tonghua


Houde Zaiwu projectis located in Jiangnan New District and south of Xiuzheng Bridge.Due to the renovation of the old city, the population density in Tonghua city has become increasingly large and the urban public facilities have become insufficient. All the surrounding land has been transformed, with little expansion space left, which cannot meet the urban construction and development demands. As a result, it is urgent to develop new areas.

Developed by Tonghua Litong Real Estate Development Company, this project has a floor area of more than500,000 square meters and a total construction area of one million square meters. Boasting rich natural environment in the neighborhood, it has beautiful scenery and will contribute to improving the image of Tonghua city.


Sänfte provides this project with 72 RF1 elevators with the load 1000KG and speed 1.0~1.75m/s.


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