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Zhongyang Shanshui residential project

68 RF1 elevators, located in HubeiYichang


Zhongyang Shanshui residential project is located at the crossings of Youyi Avenue and Nangang Road in Zhijiang city. It is generally planned to be a high quality community with complete supporting facilities such as European ecological garden, elite club and kindergarten. It is the only high-grade residential quarters with central air conditioning.

The project’s investor Yasha Real Estate will also integrate the ideas of saving resources, protecting the environment and ensuring the physical and mental health of owners and the public into the development of the project, reasonably use natural resources, reduce the energy and resource consumption in the project development, reduce emissions, and develop and use green and energy-saving new technologies.

It will strive to become the model in the industry of creating a future of sustainable development.


Sänfte provides this project with 68 RF1 elevators with the load 800KG and speed 1.75m/s~2.0m/s.


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