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Lianghuai Rongjingyuan project

30 RF1 elevators, located in Anhui Suzhou


Lianghuai Rongjing project is another grand project developed by Lianghuai company in Suzhou to create a new city image.

With a total construction area of 500,000 square meters, this project is mainly of the modern classical architectural style coupled with "modern decoration", integrating the modern elements and the characteristics of arts and displaying the beauty of lines and patterns everywhere. It is a new model of residential environment in Suzhou. Sänfte joins hands with Anhui Lianghuai Real Estate Co., Ltd. to create a safe, convenient, comfortable, humanistic and living environment and build a villa style luxurous life.


Sänfte provides this project with 30 RF1 elevators with the load 800KG and speed 1.75~2m/s.


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